Sponsorship page - U.S. Open Tri-Ball Nationals July 5-6, 2019

date of event: Friday, July 5th 2019 @ 8:00am
location: Dodge Elementary School
Dodge Elementary School, 3520 Maplewood Blvd, Omaha NE, 68134
Register by: Thursday, July 4th


Fill this form out to be a sponsor for the event.

A $100 fee gets you a space at the event for a conopy with table for vendors or promotions. You will be permitted to advertise and or sell from your location. You must provide your licenses, insurance and or permits that apply.

Dodge Elementary School, 3520 Maplewood Blvd, Omaha NE, 68134

Cost: $100.

This event has passed the event registration date and is now here for reference.


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