Aug 23, 2020 Sunday Service Grass Tri-Ball tournament Council Bluffs IA

date of event: Sunday, August 23rd 2020 @ 8:30am
location: Bahnsen Park
1720 Avenue L, Council Bluffs IA
On the soccer field
Register by: Saturday, August 22nd


Sunday August 23, 2020

Sunday Service Grass Tri-Ball tournament

Bahnsen Park, 1720 Avenue L, Council Bluffs IA 51501

Check in at 8:15am and we'll start at 8:30am.

Normal Tri-Ball tournament with all teams playing 9 games each.

Cash prizes based on number of teams in each division.

With up to 6 teams in a division: 1st = $180
With 7 teams in a division: 1st = $180, 2nd = $90
With 8 teams in a division: 1st = $180, 2nd = $90, 3rd = $45
With 10-12 teams in a division: 1st = $270, 2nd = $180, 3rd = $90, 4th = $45.
With 13-15 teams in a division: 1st = $300, 2nd = $210, 3rd = $120, 4th = $90, 5th = $45

What is Tri-Ball?

It's a fast and furious twist on regular volleyball. Played on a circular court with one center pole and three nets stretched out from it to form three equal play areas. It looks like a Mercedes logo from above.

Three teams of coed 3's play at once with one volleyball which can go over any net at any time. Basic volleyball rules apply with a few that are specific to Tri-Ball. Teams must be on their toes since this game gets so fast. It only takes one game to learn, then it gets very competitive. There is a lot of strategy in this game, too.

Tri-Ball score flippersWith 3 teams playing at once, score must be kept by teams that are not playing. No one can keep track of three scores in their head while playing on the court. We had to make special digital scoreboards!

In Tri-Ball, low score wins as points are scored against the team that lets the ball drop on their side, they hit it out, or have an infraction of the rules. Games are timed to 15 minutes, and every team plays 9 games in a tournament. Every team plays every other team at least once, plays on every section of every court, and never sits off the court more than 2 games in a row. There is no sitting around with long waits between games. A tournament is usually done in 6-7 hours. Teams are usually exhausted by game 7 and the last two games even out the scores.

For a more extensive look at the rules, see our rules page.

The teams that are off the court also play in the strategy. They must shag balls and keep feeding the servers who are on the court. This keeps the play going, but also keeps scores from being artificially low with players chasing down balls. Remember, low score wins and games are timed! Players or teams who do not shag balls will be fined a 10 point added penalty.

Tri-Ball levels out the playing field for players of all heights as it focuses on defense and court awareness rather than power and hitting.

Cost: $90.

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